Friday, January 23, 2009

My New Dining Room

So last weekend my wonderful parents came over to "help" me paint my dining room.  My Mom watched my son and my Dad prepped and painted my room for me all by himself.  I have very wonderful parents :)  

The color turned out so lovely, and I am super happy the way it looks.  It is now our first official sort of done room on the 1st floor.  I have a few more things to figure out on the walls and then it will be done for real.  

I have a antique platter coming that I purchased from Rick Rac and Buttons on Etsy that will get hung on one wall (not sure which yet) and then maybe a really pretty mirror and my engagement photo.  

Now I am super excited to get painting on some more rooms in my house.... hmmm what to do next.

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