Monday, January 26, 2009


So did you ever start a project thinking this is gonna be a snap! and then 7 years later wonder where it all went wrong?  

When I moved in with my husband it was the fall and I was real excited about our 1st Christmas together.  I thought it would be nice to make something to commemorate our 1st holiday that we could keep forever.  

With that in mind I went to the local Michael's store and found this lovely kit for a cross stitch tree skirt.  Perfect I thought, I am a whiz at cross stitch, I can have this done in no time! 
Well as you can see it was a little more work than I anticipated although all through the next year I worked on it diligently when ever I could find a spare minute.  I got pretty far and was very proud of myself, however, I also got burned out on the project.

Since that 1st year I have picked up the project every now and again but never with the same vigor that I had the 1st year.  In fact since I have moved in to my new home over 2 years ago I have not touched it at all.

So with this being a new year I have decided to make yet another pledge to myself to finish this darn tree skirt for Christmas 2009.  At my house Christmas goes up Thanksgiving weekend so I will have until then to finish.  

As I make progress I will up-date on the blog.  Wish me much luck and persistence as I endeavor to meet the challenge ahead!

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