Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Busy Week

Well I have had a busy crafting week, it's been great getting back into the swing of things again.  And my brain is working again on some fun new ideas like the one I had this morning for this "Tweet" pillow.  I managed to concept and complete it all in one day.  I will take some official pictures in the morning when the light is better so I can post on Etsy.

I finally finished my Roosters apron, and it is officially posted on Etsy as of this evening.  I cut this fabric out to start months ago and for some reason just couldn't get it started.  Now I am sorry I waited so long look how cute it turned out!  I am really happy with it :)

I also did some work on my baby wash cloth and burp cloths.  I combined the wash cloth and burp cloth sets into baby bundles.  You can now get a set of 2 wash and 2 burp cloths for $20 which includes new packaging and gift tag.  All you have to do is write on the card and this gift is ready to give!  There are now 2 new sets that were posted just this week!

I have about 3 more baby bundles cut and ready to be sewn and posted on Etsy.  I am hoping to get them done this weekend.  Hopefully I will have some more time to come up with so off the cuff ideas like the "Tweet" pillow as well.

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cheryl oz said...

Your pillow could be Sweet-Tweets! So cute! Now I'm off to check out the rooster apron.