Tuesday, January 25, 2011

T-Shirt Pillows

This simple fun project came about as we were doing our "Annual Family Post-Christmas Closet Clean-Up". It's a great time to clean out the old to make room for all the new treasures that Santa gifted.

My husband had a couple of much loved t-shirts that were still in great shape, but were getting a little snug after so many trips thru the laundry.  I hated to just trash them or give them away since he still loves them.

We racked our brains to think how we could still get use from them.  After some back and forth ideas my husband came up with the perfect solution, why not make them into pillows for the basement couch!  Done and done was my response and here is the result, or at least the first result!  I still have one more pillow to go.

This is a great way to keep all those treasured t-shirts, especially for your kids as they grow out of their favorites.  It's also a great way to save a memory like a vacation, family reunion, concert or event t-shirt.

If you are interested in instructions on how to make your own t-shirt pillow leave me a comment and I will post a tutorial.


Magnolia said...

yes! tutorial please!


dangel smith said...

nice pillows! thanks for sharing those pictures.

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