Tuesday, June 1, 2010

While I Was Sleeping

Wow March, April, May where did all those months go!  I have spent all three in a 1st trimester haze of sleepiness, nausea and wonder.  That's right I am happy to say that my little family will be expanding by 2 feet this up-coming November!

So that's why the long silence, I had almost forgotten that 1st trimester tired feeling.  I don't think anything else compares, I only had enough energy to work take care of the family, house and then to bed.

Now that I am a little further along I am starting to finally get my mojo back and am ready to begin tackling some new projects.  I think my sewing machine misses me, it's been a while, sorry old friend.

First up in the way of projects is Payton's quilt.  A while back I posted some fabrics that I was considering and a promise to reveal what I actually chose.  Later this week I will be posting the fabric and where I am so far on the quilt top.  It's been a lot of fun and I am excited to get back to it, it's my 1st quilt and  I would really like to have it done by the end of summer (hopefully sooner).

Maybe if all goes well I can start another one for baby Robbins.  We are also going to be doing lots of painting and house projects as the nesting kicks in and we get the house ready for the new arrival.  So I will be sharing pics of those fun projects as well.

The Etsy shop is still open for business, although I have been seriously neglecting it as well as this blog in my slumber.  I won't have a lot of new things probably til this quilt is further along but I will post as soon as I have some new items.

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