Wednesday, February 10, 2010

WIP Wednesday - Snow Day

Happy WIP Wednesday special snow day edition!  This is the view outside my windows this morning.  And this is a look at my neighbors sweet playhouse all covered in snow, it's a snowy fairyland.

I have been working hard at dwindling down the projects in my WIP box.  I was getting a little stressed about how many projects were in there and how long they had been in there waiting.  So I decided to tackle the less time consuming projects and leave the more labor intensive aprons til last.   As a result I have this fresh pile of baby wash cloths and burp cloths completed and ready to be photographed, bundled and listed on etsy.  Look for them to be loaded later this week.

Today I will be taking advantage of the snowy day to get started sewing up these favorite travel bags.  

Looks like I have lots to do, so I better get my cup of coffee and get started, I hope you all are having a fun and warm snow day.  Happy blizzard 2010.

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