Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Small Harvest - Pears

My pears are finally ready for harvesting! I have been waiting so patiently all summer long to pick these little beauties. It's so exciting my first harvest. (yes, I am easily pleased).

I had a taste of one of the tiny ones, the flavor was pretty good although a little dry. So I am thinking I may use the rest of them in a desert instead of eating them raw. For some reason I keep thinking pear tartlet although the reason escapes me as I have never made one before. But it just sounds delish and perfect for my pretty little pears.

I would love to know if any one out there has a good tartlet recipe to try. Or if you have any good pear recipes. I love to try new things. Please leave me a comment.

Also on another note I finished my last WIP post projects and they are all listed in my shop.

Flirty Girl Apron - Birdie

Flirty Girl Apron - Angel Cakes

Flirty Girl Apron - Holiday Wishes

Thanksgiving Table Runner

Plus one more

Flirty Girl Apron - Patricia

1 comment:

cheryl oz said...

Maybe you need to leave them out for a bit to ripen up. Maybe just test one out, while you make a tartlet with the rest.