Wednesday, July 15, 2009

WIP Wednesday - Vintage Handkerchiefs

Hello everyone, this weeks WIP Wednesday is a new addition to the Cottage Collection. Pillows made with vintage handkerchiefs.

Some of the hankies were given to me and some I have picked up from various antiques fairs. I have been kicking around different ideas on how to use these lovelies for quite a while.

It seems like every couple weeks I get them out stare at them longingly, play with them for a while trying out ideas and then put them back away.

But this time I think I have it and I am so excited to see how they turn out! I can't wait to post them finished for you all to see.

I am hoping to get at least one completed before the weekend, as the Royal Oak Antique and Garage sale is this weekend. If they turn out as cute as I hope I will be picking up a more handkerchiefs to add to the collection. If you should be in the RO, Michigan area this weekend you should come and check out the show, it's really great I look forward to it every year.

Last week's WIP pincushions are now posted up in the shop click here to pick-out your favorite.

Thanks for stopping by!

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