Monday, June 8, 2009

Flea Market Fun

A while back I received an email from a local antique linen vendor that there was going to be a flea market at Historic Greenmead.  I was super excited to go, not so much for the flea market but because I wanted to check out Greenmead.  I have driven by it so often and wanted to know what it was all about.But as soon as we pulled in it quickly became all about the flea market!  I had no idea it was going to be such a big event, they had so many vendors with all sorts of wonderful treasures.

The whole time we were there my husband and I kept saying, we should have brought more money, who knew!  However, we did have enough money to snatch up this beautiful piece, I got it for quite a bargain only $20.  I am glad I snapped it up when I did, when we went back to take it to the car two women (sisters) spotted it, started giggling, and actually sprinted trying to beat each other to get it first.  They were visibly bummed to see that it was sold, I could see them watching us carry it away, and I was very happy to be the one who got the treasure this time!

We were all set to wait another year til the event came around again but I just found out this morning that they do it again in September, the 13th this year.  So you can bet that we will be going back in the fall with a pocket full of dollars.  Next time I am hoping to find a great buffet for my kitchen that I can refinish.

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cheryl oz said...

OMG Christine! That's my childhood furniture! I never had that actual piece. I have a full size dresser and nightstand still at my parents. I used to have the matching desk and hutch too, but we sold that years ago. Crazy!