Thursday, March 19, 2009

Time Off For Good Behavior

I have been keeping myself so busy lately with projects and Etsy posting that I decided to take a little time out to enjoy the nice weather.  

Spring seems to have sprung here in Michigan and I have been enjoying all the sunshine, smells, and sounds with glee.  And having fun seeing it again for the first time with my son Payton.

Last year he was too little to understand but this year at 18 months old he is super excited to be able to go outside and play in our yard and at the park... he is especially enjoying the slide.  

But the last couple of days I have been yearning to make something, the sewing machine is calling me back with her siren song... CREATE, CREATE, CREATE.  So it's back to work for me (well fun really not work).  

I opened up a shop at Dawanda a while back and really haven't done much with it, so I am going to be posting my new goodies to that shop for a while.  My Etsy shop is pretty packed right now with lots of super sweet goodies.  If you haven't already check it out here.

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