Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sick Days

They just can't be avoided when you have a small child in daycare it seems.  The little germ factory hit us all pretty hard over the weekend but with a little time off and rest the whole family is back on track for recovery now and it's back to work!

Over the weekend and with much excitement I sold 3 aprons from my Etsy shop bringing my sales total up over the 20 mark!  I am so excited :)  

With my wealth of sales this weekend it brought my apron inventory way down  (only 1 left) and come to think about it Christmas wiped me out of all my travel bag inventory.  

So I have been hard at work drafting new ideas for aprons.  I already have 5 aprons started and they are all so cute!  (in my humble opinion)  I am working on finishing them as far as I can until the new fabric labels I ordered from Jennifer's Jewels come in the mail.

I also have a fun idea for some totally decked out over the top fancy aprons that would be great for entertaining.  Coming up with sketches now, figuring out fabrics how to do the construction.  I am so excited I cant wait to get started!

Once I get the apron stardust out of my eyes I am going to start on the bags again.  I love the travel bag and I received some new sewing books at Christmas that had some great bag designs I want to try.  

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